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How heated throws can save you money this winter

Stay warm and save money on high energy bills this winter with our cost-effective heated throws.

With the high energy bills forecast for this winter, tough times are ahead. We all need to find ways to save on our energy bills and make our funds go a bit further. If you are looking for a way to heat your home in a way that won’t rack up high energy costs – we’re here to provide you advice endorsed by a money-saving expert.

How can I save on my bills this winter?

With winter fast approaching and record-breaking energy prices on the horizon, millions of Britons have had to change their home habits to save some cash. As we enter the final third of the year and energy prices are to rise by 80%, it is time to start thinking about how to efficiently use our energy.

Some advice states to only put your heating on at certain times of the day to maintain a comfortable temperature, but this does not make massive savings. Others have practical suggestions such as fixing any potential drafts in your home or just putting on more layers. But according to the BBC, fears of high energy bills have driven an increase in sales of energy efficient products like air fryers and heated throws. Our budget-friendly heated throws have been suggested by experts and will keep you warm during cold periods. Use a heated throw or electric blanket to heat yourself instead of the room.

What’s so good about heated throws and electric blankets?

Personal heating products are an excellent alternative to central heating at a fraction of the price it would cost to heat your home. Martin Lewis, the money-saving expert and his team, pointed out in their article ‘Heat the human not the home’ that the low heating cost of heated throws can help those struggling with seemingly ever-rising energy bills.

Heated throws are a great accessory for this winter. Make the spot you relax in as comfortable as possible with Cosi Home’s adjustable temperature throws. The aim is to keep yourself warm without having to turn to your central heating.

How much can I save with a heated throw?

The initial investment of a heated throw or electric blanket is more worth it than you would believe. Due to the low running costs of these throws and blankets, you’ll be surprised at how quickly these products pay for themselves through savings on energy costs.

Our heated throws cost between 3p and 4p per hour to run, which is less than £2 a month if used for 2 hours a day every day! If you combine a heated throw with other tips such as layering clothing only using central heating at certain times, you can keep your home and yourself warm and healthy whilst maximising savings.

How to get the most out of your personal heating products

Make sure your heated throw has a built-in timer or an auto shut-off timer in case you get so comfortable that you drift off! The auto shut-off timer will ensure that you aren’t wasting energy and racking up unnecessary bills. Look for an electric blanket with a range of heat settings so you can maximise your comfort and your savings by using a lower setting over a longer period.

Are heated throws and electric blankets safe?

With any heating device, safety is of paramount importance. That is why all our Cosi Home personal heating products feature an advanced overheat protection system to ensure your safety during use. We pride ourselves on safety so your home can be the relaxing haven that it deserves to be.

More benefits than just saving money.

A heated throw not only helps you save on your energy bills, it can also bring a room together. The perfect combination of function and style – matching luxurious and effortlessly soft fabric with technology that prioritises your comfort. These specially selected materials are warm like wool, but much softer, lighter, and easier to wash.

All being said, in these trying times make sure you are taking care of your home and most importantly yourself. Cutting back to save on money can have effects on your physical and mental health. We hope that this advice is of use to you as the wintertime rolls in and you can adapt your energy consumption to work best for you.

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